"Say Something" Protocol Article

To read the 8 Essential Elements of PBL featured in TechEdge using a White Oak project, click here. To read the 8 Essential Elements of PBL featured in ASCD, click here to download the pdf.

To review the 8 Essential Elements of PBL, click here.

To find the Project Review Documents, click here.

To find rubric links, click here.

To find STEM project ideas, click here. (Note: Be sure that the projects are modified to incorporate the 8 Essentials of PBL)

To find the archived webinar on PBL and Edmodo that follows a full project, click here.

Example Reflection Prompts:

• Give some examples of content related problems you had to solve in the project and explain how you solved them.

• Think back over the project. Were there any choices you would have made differently in relation to the final product and content inclusion?

• What would people with a point of view different from yours say about the issues we’re exploring in this project? Why?

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