"There is a profound disconnect between what students are taught and tested on in most high schools today and how they are expected to learn, versus what the world will demand of them as adults and what motivates them to do their best."
--- Tony Wagner, The Global Achievement Gap

Articles for Review:

I Was Unprepared for College:


Rethinking Advanced Placement:

What is PBL?

  • "The Main Course" of the unit
  • Engaging in meaningful discovery of an authentic based curriculum
  • Demonstration of learning NOT a memorization of facts!
  • Student-directed
  • The building of 21st Century Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking)
  • Buck Institute for Education

Misconceptions about PBL...

  • I can't cover enough material
  • It's fun, but where is the real learning?!
  • There is no individual accountability
  • It takes up too much time
  • I already do PBL....