North: The "Get it Done" Person

Assertive, Active, Decisive
  • Likes to be in control and determine the course of events
  • Quick to act, expresses urgency for others to act quickly also
  • Enjoys challenging people and situations
  • Thinks in terms of the "bottom line"
  • Likes a quick pace and the fast track
  • Courageous, ambitious, and confident
  • Perseveres - Not stopped by "No"
  • Goal-centered, ambitious
  • Hardworking leader who is comfortable being in front

Value Words: "Do it now!" and "I'll do it."

South: The Nurturer

Friendly, Likeable, Team Player
  • Allows others to feel important
  • Supportive, nurturing, and caring towards colleagues
  • Willing to trust others' statements at face value
  • Peace-loving, sympathetic, and helpful
  • Feelings-based, trusts own emotions and intuition as truth
  • Able to focus on the present moment
  • Precess-centered
  • Generous, non-competitive and likes to build on the ideas of others

Value Words: "Right" and "Fair"

East: The Visionary

Innovative, Creative, and Sees the Big Picture
  • Very idea oriented, focuses on future thought
  • Risk-taker, adventurous, spontaneous
  • Has insight into mission and purpose
  • Looks for overarching themes and ideas
  • Appreciates a lot of information
  • Strong spiritual awareness, free-spirited, unconventional
  • Likes to experiment and explore

Value Words: "Option" and "Possibility"

West: The Analyst

Practical, Dependable, and Thorough
  • Provide planning and resources to others
  • Moves carefully, deliberately, and follows procedures and guidelines
  • Use data to make logical and analytical decisions
  • Weighs all sides of an issue, balanced
  • Introspective, self-analytical, focused, reserved
  • Careful, thoroughly examines people's needs in situations
  • Works well with existing resources - gets the most out of what has been done in the past
  • Skilled at finding the fatal flaw in an idea or a project
Value Words: "Objective" and "Organized"