Critical Thinking Resources:

Forget What You Know: Jacob Barnett's TED Talk

Authentic Learning Experiences: A Real World Approach to PBL

New Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's Verbs

Wheel of Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking Strategies:

  1. Brainwriting
  2. Force Field Analysis
  3. Excluded Middles
  4. Personification
  5. Juxtaposed Pairs
  6. 6 Thinking Hats
  7. Starbursting
  8. 5 Whys for Inquiry
  9. Question Zero
  10. Nuf Test
  11. Critical Incidents Protocol
  12. Socratic Seminar
  13. Harkness/Spiderweb Discussion
  14. Fishbowl
  15. Recorded Discussions

Authentic Learning Experiences Resources:

Schools infrastructure Report Card

Top 10 Ways to Fake An Authentic Classroom

Employers Challenge to Educators: Make School Relevant to Students

Authentic Learning Experiences: Top Ten Resources

Mission Hill: World of Work

15 Year Old Wows MIT

Community Mapping Questions:
What assets does our community have?
What needs does our community have?
How could we improve as a community?
What resources could we provide for surrounding communities?

Categorize into....
  • Human Impact
  • Environmental Impact
  • Animal Impact
  • Goods and Services