Google Form Introductions...

Essential Question:

  • "Begin with the End in Mind"
  • Broad
  • No one right answer
  • Connect to the present day!

Example Questions:

  1. How did the Great Depression force the American government to redefine its role in the social welfare of its citizens and how has that role continued through the present day?
  2. How does the political system of today reflect the ideological and philosophical traditions inspired by the Framers of the U.S. Constitution?
  3. How does the criminal code of Pennsylvania reflect the U.S. Constitution and societal values?

Elements of PBL:

  • student-centered
  • teacher as facilitator
  • higher order thinking
  • differentiation
  • collaborative
  • real-world
  • authentic assessment
  • multiple possible outcomes
  • outside audience



Project Examples:

  • Letter to a Congressional Representative or Senator
  • Online Competitions
  • Wiki with another School
  • Oral History
  • Museum Exhibits
  • Mock Trial
  • Documentary
  • Doors to Diplomacy

Collaboration Resources