Reaching Technology Transformation in the Classroom
Essential Question:
How can I implement technology to provide students with the opportunity to create new knowledge in order to redefine their own learning while meeting all of the required standards?

Level 1: Substitution
  • Type a word document
  • Show a PPT

Level 2: Enhancement
  • Do a webquest
  • Create an online timeline

Level 3: Adaptation
  • Create a podcast
  • Create an iMovie

Level 4: Immersion
  • Create a wiki with students from another school and conduct a discussion board on your findings
  • Backchannel during a Skype connection with a professional and then blog about the session. Post links to the blog on Twitter asking for comments.


Intensity Level 6:

  • H - Student learning/questioning at synthesis/evaluation levels
  • E - Students help define the task, the process, and the solution: collaboration extends beyond the classroom
  • A - The learning experience is directly relevant to students and involves creating a product that has a purpose beyond the classroom that directly impacts the students
  • T - Technology use is directly connected and needed for task completion and students determine which application(s) would best address their needs

Taken from:

Connecting to SAS
In order to reach Higher Student Achievement we must have....

Clear Standards:
  • 8.1.9.A: Compare patterns of continuity and change over time, applying context of events.
  • 8.3.9.C: Analyze how continuity and change have impacted the United States.
  • 8.3.9.D: Interpret how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have impacted the growth and development of the U.S.

Curriculum Framework:

Big Ideas:
  • War and conflict and its impact on the U.S.
  • The connection between the past and the present

  • Causes of war
  • Battle strategies
  • Weapon development
  • Propaganda
  • Domestic implications
  • Soldier's lives
  • Similarities between wars and lessons learned to apply to current day conflicts

Competencies: (key skills)
  • collaboration
  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • creativity and innovation
  • primary and secondary source evaluation
  • time management
  • self-direction

Essential Question:
“How has the historic involvement of the United States in various international conflicts helped to define its current strategy in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq?”

Materials and Resources:

Milestone Documents
Our Documents
National Archives
Chronicling American (LOC)


Project-Based Learning Unit that fully integrates Web 2.0 technology

Research, Collaboration, Individual Accountability, Skype session, Veteran Interviews

Fair Assessments:


  • Read 180 Program
  • Individual Meetings
  • Academic Prep help period
  • Online, evening support