What? So What? Now What?

What do we know?
Why is it important?
Where are we going? (inquiry questions)

3 P's Protocol: A Refinement of Practice (Laur Educational Consulting Development)

Can be used with any topic. Do a 5 minute quick write and partner share. Partner provides one-two ways in which they suggest you can reach your potential.

Past: Before trying
Present: Current practice
Potential: Where you want to be

Use any of these instead of brainstorming:

5 Why's Protocol

Message Boxing
Us on Us, Them on Them, Us on Them, Them on Us
Political Strategy that can be used for a project planning strategy or a classroom strategy

Nuf Test

New, Useful, Feasible (Rank 1-10)
Refocus Ideas
Patent and Inventions Strategy

Critical Incidents Protocol

What happened?
Why did it happen?
What might it mean?
What are the implications?
--- Goal setting for teachers and students