8 Essential Elements Review

8 Essential Elements Article

Project Design Rubric (BIE)

Community Mapping:

What assets does our community have?
What needs does our community have?
How could we improve as a community?
What resources could we provide for surrounding communities?

Human impact?
Environmental impact?
Animal impact?
Economic impact?

Project Design Questions:

1. What is included in your content?

2. What are your power standards?

3. What relevance can you connect to your content and standards?

4. How are the standards and the content used in the real world?

5. How can interdisciplinary elements be embedded in the project experience?

Final Products:

Plan, Proposal, Design, Presentation

1. Can I fully assess the mastery of content, standards, and skills for each student?

2. Is this just a research paper in disguise?

3. Did I include a major written component?

Project Ideas:

(Idea starters that need to be assessed based on the 8 Essential Elements of PBL! Reflect and revise as needed!)

Leading PBL

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Tuva Labs

PBL Design Templates from BIE

Project Assessment Map

Project Design Overview and Student Learning Guide

Scaffolding via Blooms

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