Collaboration Through Technology Immersion


Can we learn from our own collaboration to develop collaborations for our students?


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Let's Write a Collaborative Book:


NETS-T Standards
  • Facilitate
  • Digital-Age Learning (Design and Model)
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Professional Growth/Leadership

NETS-S Standards
  • Creativity
  • Communication/Collaboration
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Technology Operations

NETS-A Standards
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Digital-Age Learning Culture
  • Digital Citizenship


  • student-centered
  • teacher as facilitator
  • higher order thinking
  • differentiation
  • collaborative
  • real-world
  • authentic assessment
  • cross-curricular
  • multiple possible outcomes
  • outside audience

My Example Collaborative Units:

Various Projects Currently Seeking Collaborators: Seeking Skype partners around the world Current discussion on the Olympics between 56 schools - It's not too late to join! Micro-lessons in Art History. The designer of the site is willing to collaborate with classes who use them. Student News Action Network: Create, Debate, and Collaborate International Documentary Filmmaking Talking Kites Around the World

Links to Sites for Listing and Finding Collaborative Projects:

Collaboration Resources

ACT 48 Code: