Nings are:
  • Social Networking
  • Collaborative
  • Structured
  • Personal Learning Networks

Example Nings in the Classroom: Benton High School Biology Benton High School Zoology Asia-Europe Classroom Connection Maine Holocaust Educators and Students Kentucky's Angela Cunningham's Civics and Geography Ning My American Studies Ning on Conspiracy Theories ---- Fizzled out when the other school was not allowed to participate My AP Government Ning from Spring 2009

Example Nings for Professional Collaboration (By Subject Area):

Social Studies: NCSS (I am a member) (I am a member)

Math: Math 24/7

English: NCTE AP English The English Companion

Science: Physics and Chemistry Teachers Teaching Science 2.0 Biology Teachers

Web 2.0: Classroom 2.0 (I am a member) Edublogger Ning (for those who blog) The Future of Education iConnect, iLearn in the 21st Century Ning in Education VoiceThread for Educators The Interactive Whiteboard Revolution Google in Education Next Generation of Learning (I am a member)

Art: Art Education

General Education: Content Literacy (for all subjects) Discovery Educator Network The Global Education Collaborative (I am a member) Project Based Learning (I am a member) Online Projects for Teachers (I am a member) The Teacher Collaborative (I am a member)

Practice Ning:
Use this Ning to get accustomed to the interface of a Ning.

Create Your Own Ning: