Honors, AP, and IB Integrated with PBL

Top Ten Ways to Fake an Authentic Classroom


Honors Global Studies
PANc Story and Film Festival

Thinking History
Quilt Project: Civil War
Thinking History: Heritage Trust Fund

AP Lit
The Literature of 9/11
Grant Writing: Blending Literature and the Community (Must sign up for an account with the Teaching Channel and do a search for the project)

Making it Real: Connecting Math to Life (Must sign up for an account with the Teaching Channel and do a search for the project)

AP U.S. Government
Mixing Art and Politics

The Physics of Free Throws

Foreign Languages
Integrating STEM into the Foreign Language Classroom
i-EARN Natural Disaster Youth Summit
Rudos vs. Tecnicos

Cross-Curricular/Integrated Humanities and STEM
National Day of Hacking Projects

Advanced Environmental Chemistry
Community Environmental Impact (Several other interesting articles on chemistry are linked at the bottom of this article)

Art and ELA
George Segal Meets the One Act PlayGeorge Segal Meets the One Act Play

Project Design Questions:

1. What is included in your content?

2. What are your power standards?

3. What relevance can you connect to your content and standards?

4. How are the standards and the content used in the real world?

5. How can interdisciplinary elements be embedded in the project experience?

Final Products:

Plan, Proposal, Design, Presentation

1. Can I fully assess the mastery of content, standards, and skills for each student?

2. Is this just a research paper in disguise?

3. Did I include a major written component?