CFF Bootcamp Keynote Highlights

  • Please note that each projects contains all 7 elements of PBL as defined by the Buck Institute for Education. Each project, however, is utilized to highlight one portion of the requirements for PBL.
  • All 7 elements can be researched in more detail by exploring the Buck Institute for Education's website.
  • Homework Assignment: Please post one question to the Forum section of the BIE website by the end of the 3 day bootcamp.
  • This article does a great job describing the 7 elements of PBL

´╗┐Need to Know
"REACH was born out of a desire to encourage change and awareness at a 21st Century High School. The performance focuses on exposing the issues that young teenagers face on a daily basis in and out of the school environment." --- from REACH, The DVD

  • Students had to create a list of issues facing teens today.
  • How could these issues be portrayed in a manner in which students could "Reach" their audience?
  • Ben Hodge - Drama teacher, Central York High School

Inquiry and Innovation

  • How can we use the lessons learned from all 20th Century U.S. wars to put an end to U.S. involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan?
  • Heavy research
  • Expert consultations
  • Creation of a final plan
  • Note: This was only one aspect of the 8-week, comprehensive unit on war and conflict.
  • All lesson material can be accessed here
  • Example Prezi Product
  • Dayna Laur - Social Studies teacher, Central York High School

´╗┐Driving Question

Student Voice and Choice

"The goal of this unit is for you to create awareness about a particular social issue. Identify why this issue is a problem and what can be done to solve the problem. Remember: knowledge is power. In that way, instead of becoming part of the problem, you can be part of the solution."
  • Social Issues project
  • Project criteria can be found here
  • Lisa Turner - 21st Century Skills teacher, Central York High School

Feedback and Revision

"Graffiti and scribbling are common problems in schools. Somehow this must be cleaned off! Vandals(along with Huns and Visigoths) tend to use a variety of pens, containing different inks. Can we use concepts of solubility and solution chemistry to create an effective yet inexpensive desk cleaner?"

  • Students must try various products to produce the best results
  • Teacher and custodians provide the feedback for the revision process
  • Not only do students need to erase the graffiti, but they must do so at the cheapest cost possible
  • Matt Williams, Chemistry teacher, Central York High School

21st Century Skills

  • Poet in Residence Program
  • Students produce three poems which are critiqued by peers and poet
  • Peer editing creates a collaborative atmosphere to produce a flawless product based on creativity
  • Final anthology is published through and is available for purchase
  • Lisa Sands, Stephanie Kantz, and Patty Jackson - 11th grade English teachers, Central York High School

Publicly Presented Product

  • Designing skateboards for CA board company and NOW for children in Afghanistan!
  • Project examples and the feedback process can be found here
  • Jim Howard, Graphic Design teacher, Central York High School