Common Core Inquiry Based Tasks from Smarter Balanced:

Animal Defenses - Grade 4

Growing Our Own School Lunch - Grade 6

Nuclear Power: Friend or Foe? Grade 11

Use the Following Examples to Evaluate the Level of Authentic and Deep Inquiry Lessons:

Immigration Unit Example 1:

Immigration Unit Example 2:

Immigration Unit Example 3:

Activities for Scaffolding:

  • Think-Pair-Share: Readings on Entrepreneurs of the 2nd Industrial Revolution
Write an Editorial – Robber Baron or Captain of Industry
  • Analysis of Yellow Journalism – Talk to the Text
    Write an article about an event in the Spanish-American War in the style of YJ
  • Listen to a podcast on the Rise of Unions
    Simulation: Strike at Heinz or Haymarket Riot mock trial
  • Dr. Seuss Political Cartoon Analysis of WWII
    Students create their own political cartoon
  • Evaluate the Dynastic Cycle in Ancient China using the Han
    Students map out the Dynastic Cycle of the Ming

Planning Documents:

Project Planning Document

Project Planning Document Sample

Teaching and Learning Guide (BIE)